Exploring Fitzgerald River National Park

Driving into Fitzgerald River National Park I was struck my how vast it seemed. Miles of open spaces with a few peaks dotted around so I decided to hike to the top of… Continue reading

The many colours of Bluff Knoll

The Noongar people are the traditional Aboriginal custodians of the Stirling Ranges and surrounding region. “Bular Mial” is the Noongar name for Bluff Knoll, the highest peak in the range at 1095m. It means… Continue reading

Good to be back in the red dirt

My first stop was somewhere I had been before – The Stirling Ranges. First order of business was Toolbrunup Peak walk. At 1052m, it’s the second highest peak in the National Park, but… Continue reading

Getting Restarted

The plan for the next few weeks is to drive my car back to Sydney from the west coast. I got to Perth a few days ago and picked up the car, which… Continue reading

Almost back at the start

Sydney in winter, what’s not to like? I am back where the adventure started but not quite at the end just yet. Have spent the last week in Sydney getting a few things… Continue reading

A new project?

Driving back to Wellington from Taranaki I was struck by the number of empty building along the road. Many of them were disused dairies, a sign of changing times. Equally on the South… Continue reading

Watching the grass grow

A short post today, because I am…..mmmm….. otherwise occupied with a good book! I have spent the last two days reading a book but every so often I peered over the top of it… Continue reading

Cape Farewell

My time in New Zealand is coming to an end. It wasn’t planned but one of my last hikes here was along the aptly named Cape Farewell which is the most northerly point… Continue reading

What are EWE laughing at?

Some days in New Zealand I have seen more sheep than people. Although I suspect this one thought he was concealed by a rock. Either way I feel he was approaching the day on… Continue reading