Back in the bush

The other weekend I went for the hike. It was the first one in a long time and taking the stairs through the office on Monday morning was telling – my legs were… Continue reading

Hello World…… it’s been a while!

  Greetings from my kitchen table in Sydney, long time no talk. Hope you are all well. It’s been too long since I wrote anything on this blog so am feeling a little uncomfortable at… Continue reading

Last minute thoughts

  It’s my last night on the road. Tomorrow I will arrive back in Sydney. Not altogether sure how I feel about that or what comes next for Niamh on Leave as I will… Continue reading

A Look Into the Past

Mungo National Park was a fascinating place to visit. All the roads into the park are unsealed becoming impassable after rain, so it was fortunate I was in the area while it was… Continue reading

Locals of Mungo

I have just spent a few memorable days in Mungo National Park. I am in middle of writing up a post about the place, but I simply wanted to share these pictures. I… Continue reading

A Liquid Detour

I wanted to get dressed. Not that I spend my days naked. It’s just that the last few weeks I have been either driving or hiking and have been wearing the same clothes all… Continue reading

Hiking Wilipena Pound

I am not sure when I first heard about or saw a picture of Wilpena Pound, but I know the thought of seeing it for myself has captivated me for a while. To… Continue reading

Flinders Ranges

I have set up camp in the Flinders Ranges National Park for a few days. Interesting place. Much of the park can be accessed by car at this time of year as it’s dry.… Continue reading

A night in a multistar hotel

Earlier this morning I had just packed up the tent and was about to head off when this kangaroo came along, which got me thinking about the simple pleasure of camping. Yesterday I… Continue reading