What lies beneath?

What lies beneath?Where do I start? Today was amazing.

Spent the day in the water with whalesharkS. Am grinning like a chesire cat. All up swam with 6 different ones ranging in size from 3m to 9m. Easily the best day of the trip so far. Amazing to see these beautiful animals up close and doing their thing.

We had loads of other great company in the water today too, a pod of dolphins, almost a dozen different humpback whales breaching, a weird looking and apparently rare fish called a sunfish, turtles and also a reef shark. Absolutely fantastic.  What a day, My legs are still kicking even though I am on dry land.   Oh and of course Nemo was here too.  I feel like The Little Mermaid ……….. Ariel……….

4 thoughts on “What lies beneath?

    1. Hey Niamhy, Wow is all I can say. I’m as green as a chesire cat!! Congrats on the residency by the way. I can’t find your mobile number in my phone history. I forgot your number was different and I never saved it. We are having our own taste of Australia at the moment!! Irelands heat wave. Unfortunately Duncannon beach doesn’t match up those pics! Would love a catch up soon. Give me a bell and I’ll ring you back. Stay cool!! Nessiexxx


      1. Hey Nessie, thanks for having a look at the blog. I heard about the heatwave, hope you are enjoying it. I’ve good phone reception these days so I’ll give you a buzz soon. I can still afford to make outgoing calls 🙂


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