Reflective and grateful

Dock at San Marcos
Dock at San Marcos, Guatemala

Spending time in airports seems to make me reflective.

So many people milling around, many a little stressed, most just wanting to be somewhere else. Me? Well today I am feeling just a little relaxed as I sit waiting on my connecting flight. All that yoga has paid off!

I finally rolled up the yoga mat and left San Marcos a few days ago. It was an unexpected delight to stumble on that place and it’s eceltic mix of people and lifestyles. Admitedly it’s not for everybody, but if you are interested in learning about areas of hollistic health, nutrition, yoga, medication, I recommend it. On the other hand, if overhearing somebody saying “It doesn’t fit with my higher purpose” makes you shudder, choose somewhere else.

Hard to believe it’s not just the end of my time in Guatemala but also in Central America. How did that happen?

Today I am flying to New Zealand. A somewhat new addition to the plan! Seems I started this trip almost a year ago so it’s time to start heading back to base in Australia. I thought it fitting to end my time on leave like I started it. A road trip of sorts, hiking and camping. If you have any recommendations for New Zealand please send them through, details are still quite loose for this leg!

While sitting here, have 5 hours to wait, I have been thinking back on the trip so far. It has been pretty damn good! I started to flick through my photographs and realised just how much I have seen and done. Can I sign up for another year on leave?

Also somehow in the last year I started to blog. Like so many good things in my life, I didn’t plan it, but instead it evolved from another idea. But without the people that read it, I imagine I would have quickly lost interest. So I just wanted to say thank you for being around and keeping me company. I really do appreciate it. Chat to you all soon from New Zealand.

8 thoughts on “Reflective and grateful

  1. i think i have read every one of your blogs and love them 🙂

    the calmness, appreciation and observations have been wonderful

    plus i am envious and it takes me straight back to my travels and i day dream about them too!

    i can’t wait to catch up with you when you get back to oz.

    ‘if’ you need it or fancy it, we are away 22nd may – 16th june if you wanted to house sit while you find a place , minimal rent etc??

    …then a date for the diary – 5th july – sydney wedding party in manly!

    bye for now.


    Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2014 20:26:54 +0000 To:


    1. Thanks for your kind words Kj,they mean alot 🙂 Woohoo! Hopefully I will be back in time for the wedding party!! Would be too much fun too miss. Thanks for the thought re the house. Will email you if I am back those dates. Looking forward to catching up xx


  2. Well, I love traveling, and something I love better than getting acquainted with another culture and scene, is to hear other people’s stories of their travels. Amazing. New Zealand is a most magnificent country. You can leave behind all bad memories in this place and will come away with a clear and simple mind. I do not know if the festival is still going on, but in Hokitika (west coast on South Isle), there is a festival called the Wild Foods Festival. If you like to try some odds grub, go there. If not, go there anyway. Have fun. I look forward to hearing some of your stories and reading others in places I would like to visit. Look out for those Kea’s. :).


    1. Thanks for stopping by.I enjoy hearing and reading other people’s stories too! Always good to see another perspective and of course inspiration for future trips. Thanks for the tip about the festival, will check out the dates and see if it’s coincides with when I am here. So much to choose from – great dilemma to have. Will keep my eyes peeled for those Kea’s 🙂


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