Hitting the road

Am back behind the wheel and making my way up the west coast of the South Island. Good to be on the road and blasting the tunes. Was checking out this morning and got into a conversation with the receptionist, which went something like this; So where are you headed to today? North Anywhere in particular? Not … More Hitting the road

Last day in Belize

My last few hours in Belize Right now we are in the town of San Ignacio which is approximately a 20 minute drive from the border with Guatemala and we are crossing later today. I feel like I hardly have seen this country and perhaps have spent more time with the fish underwater than I … More Last day in Belize

I did it!

I got a little apprehensive thinking about my first refresher dive. But as so often happens, I went out the night before for a quiet bite to eat and it turned into a late night with new friends and the local rum punch so when I woke up and went to the dive shop there … More I did it!

The next adventure

So the conversation went something like this…………… US Customs: The reason for your visit Mam? Me: Holidays US Customs: Whom are you travelling with? Me : I’m on my own US Customs: Pardon me, I thought you said holidays Me : I did US Customs: But you are alone, how is that a holiday? Are … More The next adventure