Ocean Recharge

Late last year there was a sale on flights, so I booked some. The result being that I am off somewhere on a plane almost once a month for the first 6 months of the year. You would think that would entertain me! January I went to Tasmania and February saw me back on the … More Ocean Recharge

Stretching the legs at Boodjamulla, (Lawn Hill) National Park

There were a couple of clues on the road in, that this place was going to be different!  It was well worth the drive. Boodjamulla, (Lawn Hill) National Park was simply stunning. Spent some time here hiking around. When I look at the photographs it’s hard to believe they are all from the same place … More Stretching the legs at Boodjamulla, (Lawn Hill) National Park

Gold Rush, no more

Had my first taste of what it might have been like around here for the goldrush. Spent a night in a town called Croydon, population of approx 225 people. Some interesting history here and some of the original buildings remain open and refurbished. I have 2 clear favourites on my history tour, the courthouse, complete … More Gold Rush, no more

Gently does it!

Spent some time in the Atherton tablelands, The tourist guides here are so descriptive, I was expecting paradise. There is lots to see and eat around here, lush countryside and rolling hills. Decided I needed some restorative relaxation so stopped at Innot Hot Springs  (Kirsty, that’s different to ‘Innit’) Such a peculiar place staffed by … More Gently does it!