Chilling out in Tulum

Have just spent a great few days in Tulum. Easily a highlight of beachside stops so far.  If you like your beaches without offers of “parasailing Mamm?”  but instead “fresh mango, pineapple or papaya senorita? ” this is the one for you. At times, it almost had that Thai island vibe, but perhaps thats the … More Chilling out in Tulum


Walking around Valladolid, something that caught my eye on the quieter streets was the number of dilapidated and abandoned buildings. All very obviously neglected,  I lost count of the for sale signs, no takers in these parts for these buildings. But depite the neglect and apparent disinterest locally there was something about these that appealed … More Backstreets

Chichén Itzá , something old yet something new to me

Chichén Itzá is apparently one of the most famous and  extensively restored and by far the most visited of all Maya sites, yet up until a few weeks ago I knew nothing about it and I am still learning! Spent the day here recently roaming around the the site and trying to imagine what it might have … More Chichén Itzá , something old yet something new to me