Last minute thoughts

  It’s my last night on the road. Tomorrow I will arrive back in Sydney. Not altogether sure how I feel about that or what comes next for Niamh on Leave as I will be back at work within a week. Quite incredible really when I think about it. It might sound strange but I haven’t really been … More Last minute thoughts

A Liquid Detour

I wanted to get dressed. Not that I spend my days naked. It’s just that the last few weeks I have been either driving or hiking and have been wearing the same clothes all the time. I wanted to wear something new (i.e. new to the trip new, as in, I packed it weeks ago but … More A Liquid Detour

Hitting the road

Am back behind the wheel and making my way up the west coast of the South Island. Good to be on the road and blasting the tunes. Was checking out this morning and got into a conversation with the receptionist, which went something like this; So where are you headed to today? North Anywhere in particular? Not … More Hitting the road

Frozen Tears

In recent times I have learnt much about glaciers. I have many new words in my vocabulary, moraine, firn, blue ice, ablation zones, glacial flour…….. Then I came across this Maori explanation at Franz Joseph Glacier and decided I preferred that instead! The early Maori knew Franz Joseph as Ka Rominate o Hine Hukatere (Tears … More Frozen Tears


A friend recently told me that while she is looking forward to seeing me when I get back to Australia, she does not want to spend hours being bored by my photographs. So Kirsty this post is for you, I’ll bore you now instead. I have taken soooooooo many photographs since I have gotten to New Zealand even … More Shutterbug