Last minute thoughts

  It’s my last night on the road. Tomorrow I will arrive back in Sydney. Not altogether sure how I feel about that or what comes next for Niamh on Leave as I will be back at work within a week. Quite incredible really when I think about it. It might sound strange but I haven’t really been … More Last minute thoughts

Along the Bight

Today was a driving day, about 600km in fact along the Great Australian Bight but that doesn’t mean it was dull. The first thing to make me smile was when I stopped at one of the lookouts to view the Bunda Cliffs, I got into a rather funny conversation with a retired couple driving in … More Along the Bight

Hitting the road

Am back behind the wheel and making my way up the west coast of the South Island. Good to be on the road and blasting the tunes. Was checking out this morning and got into a conversation with the receptionist, which went something like this; So where are you headed to today? North Anywhere in particular? Not … More Hitting the road

Gently does it!

Spent some time in the Atherton tablelands, The tourist guides here are so descriptive, I was expecting paradise. There is lots to see and eat around here, lush countryside and rolling hills. Decided I needed some restorative relaxation so stopped at Innot Hot Springs  (Kirsty, that’s different to ‘Innit’) Such a peculiar place staffed by … More Gently does it!