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In the beginning.....Overlooking the trail from the starting point at Charlotte Pass
In the beginning…..Overlooking the trail from the starting point at Charlotte Pass

I decided to do an overnight trail in Kosciuszko National Park. Its been a while between hikes involving a full pack so this one was at a gentle pace. Mt Kosciuszko, whilst the highest point in Australia, the track there is not the most demanding. It is however beautiful this time of year.

This area is more familiar to me in winter when I have visited to ski a few times. Although I use the term ski loosely – it’s not my greatest talent. Either was I was back and the snow was all but gone so there was nothing impeding me getting up or down the mountain. Except maybe the flies. If anybody is planning a trip bring the bug spray.

I started The Main Range Track at Charlotte’s Pass to make it a 2 day loop of about 30km.  Almost immediately the track descends to cross the Snowy River, which it actually the lowest point of the track. So that means only one thing – up! It’s a very well marked and well maintained track and the only thing slowing me down was stopping to have a chat with others. One of those days when you just keep meeting friendly people. Also bumped into the ranger along the way also who advised me that my choice of colours appeals to the flies – back to the khaki next time, those flies are pests.

4 thoughts on “Top of Australia

  1. I am not entirely sure how much this would apply to the mountains you usually visit, but I’ve been always told to have one bright red element of my wardrobe (I would always choose a red backpack). It’s really visible from afar if something requiring emergency services happens. Better safe than sorry. 🙂
    As to the colors attracting the flies – I love bright yellow blouses, but always decide against buying them at the very last minute when I think of all the bees, flies and beetles whose attention that lovely color would immediately grab. It’s a tough life :D.
    It looks like it’s an absolutely lovely trail!


    1. It was a great trail and I am all the wiser about colour selection now too! Lesson learned 🙂 Yes, I have also been given that tip about a bright element in case of emergency, hopefully it won’t ever be called on but my backpack ticks that box too. Thanks for stopping by and having a read


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