Vanlife, Home is where you park

Home sweet home Freycinet National Park.jpg
Vanlife, my home for the night nestled in the bush at Freycinet National Park

One of the things I enjoyed most about travelling in a campervan, was when I stumbled upon somewhere that was unexpectedly great, I could just stay! Friendly Beaches was one such place. I was driving into Freycinet National Park intending to see Wine Glass Bay, when I noticed a road to the left signposting ‘Friendly Beaches’… Why not I thought. A few minutes down the road lead to a lookout which easily convinced me that I wanted to see more.

So that became my day. A beach that stretches for miles, giving the legs a workout when I hiked for hours. Those legs were later soothed by enjoyable swims. The best one of which was at night. Somebody I met there gave me a local tip, pointing me in the direction of some rock pools. Which meant I could safely loll about under the moon waist deep in water without worrying about being swept out to sea…all I was missing was some champagne.

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