Fermentation anybody?

  Time is getting precious as I am leaving Central America this week, but I decided to stay on a little longer in San Marcos.  The guys at Love Probiotics were running a 3 day workshop so I signed up.  It wasn’t a hard decision to make as the eating and preparing more natural food has caught … More Fermentation anybody?

The Corner Shop

Another week of easy living and yoga in San Marcos – bliss! Since all the workshops last weekend I have been giving some thought to food this week, it’s something I haven’t spoken much about. Over the weeks here a routine of sorts has developed – the daily shop. Round the corner from where we are … More The Corner Shop

Conscious Learning

On any given day there is a course or workshop running here in San Marcos but at the weekend, it was taken to a new level with The Festival of Consciousness. The what? Yes, you read correctly, The Festival of Consciousness. When I got here a few weeks ago I saw the signs around town for the … More Conscious Learning

Yoga Love

I had thought about moving north this week for some hiking, however my yoga love won out. So that’s what this week has been all about yoga. I have always enjoyed it but now I think I love it. Such a simple activity that can improve the mood of any day. And you hardly need … More Yoga Love

I love surprises!

Am very excited to let you know that Marta at Daily Exploits  has nominated me for my very first blog award! I love surprises and this was a great one to get. The Liebster Blog Award is described as; “ An award to spread blog love and draw attention to blogs with few followers”. So big thanks to Marta … More I love surprises!

Why so serious?

Hello again from San Marcos, I’m still here! It was beginning to niggle me that I’ve been in the one place so long while there are so many other parts of Guatemala I have yet to visit. Should I be on the move? Was I making the right decision to stay here? Then I realised, I … More Why so serious?