Morning to night

Rain rain go away. I woke up to a massive shower head in the sky so I decided to wait a while to see which way it was going to go. To pass the time I went for coffee, the cafe was packed, everybody taking refuge, so I was joined by two elderly farmers who made for … More Morning to night

Last day in Belize

My last few hours in Belize Right now we are in the town of San Ignacio which is approximately a 20 minute drive from the border with Guatemala and we are crossing later today. I feel like I hardly have seen this country and perhaps have spent more time with the fish underwater than I … More Last day in Belize

The next adventure

So the conversation went something like this…………… US Customs: The reason for your visit Mam? Me: Holidays US Customs: Whom are you travelling with? Me : I’m on my own US Customs: Pardon me, I thought you said holidays Me : I did US Customs: But you are alone, how is that a holiday? Are … More The next adventure

Around Town

What a great place for people watching. Have spent the morning walking around mainly close to Shibuya . Such diverse people on the move. Not sure I would like to live in a city of this size and pace but am loving the opportunity to see it. As for the shopping this place takes it … More Around Town