A new project?

Driving back to Wellington from Taranaki I was struck by the number of empty building along the road. Many of them were disused dairies, a sign of changing times. Equally on the South Island I noticed a vast number of distressed huts and sheds in the fields.  As I am getting ready to leave New … More A new project?

Leaving one undone

A number of people had recommended the Muller Hut track in Mt Cook. However at this time of year crampons and an ice axe are recommended so it became ruled out for me. However I ventured up the track anyway to see just how far I could get without them! The track starts on the flat … More Leaving one undone

Piercing the clouds

Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park is home to a lot of mountains! There are 27 mountains over 3050m in New Zealand and 22 of those are here. The highest is Mt Cook at 3755m. In fact it’s the highest in Australasia. It’s name in Maori is Aoraki, meaning Cloud Piercer, seems far more apt than the … More Piercing the clouds


A friend recently told me that while she is looking forward to seeing me when I get back to Australia, she does not want to spend hours being bored by my photographs. So Kirsty this post is for you, I’ll bore you now instead. I have taken soooooooo many photographs since I have gotten to New Zealand even … More Shutterbug

Morning to night

Rain rain go away. I woke up to a massive shower head in the sky so I decided to wait a while to see which way it was going to go. To pass the time I went for coffee, the cafe was packed, everybody taking refuge, so I was joined by two elderly farmers who made for … More Morning to night

Star gazing

Lake Tekapo is a popular stop for tour buses, so we elected to spend the night to try and enjoy it without having to jostle around groups getting snap happy. Although I was quite the shutterbug here myself, how could I resist? Coupled with clear skies and it’s distance from other towns Lake Tekapo is known for stargazing. … More Star gazing