Exploring on my doorstep

Often it’s easy to overlook what’s on your own doorstep. For me that’s the Blue Mountains. I have been trying to make more of an effort to explore there. One particular Friday morning I popped my gear and tent in the car and once the office day was done I headed for the hills.

I arrived in time to get my tent set up before the sun disappeared behind the mountains and then if was just like a regular Friday night i.e. I opened a bottle of red wine! After all that’s one of the great things about camping, everything just tastes that little bit better outside in the middle of nowhere.

The track I decided to tackle on Saturday morning was Perry’s Lockdown / Blue Gum Forest. So after some sunrise photos I buckled up and prepared to tackle the descent to the valley floor. Not sure which was harder going down or coming back up. I was later to learn that this track is the steepest option to get to Blue Gum Forest.

In my guide book it’s described as an ‘invigorating hike’ but when I look at my selfies from before and after a more accurate description may be debilitating! A good reminder just how unfit I have become sitting at my desk…

The trail quickly and steeply winds down from the lookout, sometimes with steps  or an even trail but mostly rocks, boulders and tree stumps. Definitely one that I spent more time looking at my feet than the world around me.

Once on the valley floor there are a number of options to connect with other trails. I chose to follow one along the river. The views gave me time to contemplate just how I was going to get myself back up to the campsite and that unfinished bottle of wine! Every challenge should be met with reward after all 🙂




4 thoughts on “Exploring on my doorstep

  1. thanks for sharing some scenery I’ve never seen! just a gorgeous area, you are lucky to have it nearby. “Invigorating” is usually a kind way of saying “It’ll kick your butt if you’re not an Olympian!” isn’t it? But following along the river is ALWAYS the best path, isn’t it? just the cool air coming up off of it, the sound and the little birds flitting about. now you’ve inspired me to get back out again this weekend, waaahoooo !!!! have fun, momentummikey 🙂 🙂


      1. sure did, went “mushroaming” – wandered the woods just enjoying and looking for different types of mushrooms with my niece. lots of sunshine. hope you make a great week for yourself!!!

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