Yoga Love

Flags at The Yoga Forest
Flags at The Yoga Forest

I had thought about moving north this week for some hiking, however my yoga love won out. So that’s what this week has been all about yoga.

I have always enjoyed it but now I think I love it. Such a simple activity that can improve the mood of any day. And you hardly need a thing to practice, just some space, a mat and the intention. My mind usually has a million thoughts running through it but recently I have managed the art of being present on the mat. Perhaps that’s the key to my progress. Yesterday I managed a new posture, “the wheel” I was grinning with my head upside down. Then I locked eyes with the teacher who was smiling at me and clapping, possibly relived I finally nailed it as she had watched me mangle it for weeks 🙂

There are many yoga studios here with some really fantastic teachers so I have been moving around trying out different styles and classes. Teacher training is on offer too, but that might be for another time.

One place here deserves a special mention, The Yoga Forest. It’s exactly as the name promises, yoga in the forest. Accessed by a short trail, which is marked by painted rocks, you climb away from town into the trees and hills. Sure beats driving in traffic after work to a class and looking for the elusive parking spot. This place is the ultimate in practicing in nature. In this case you are already feeling good just on the way there.

Impossible not to enjoy a practice here. Even the bathroom has views, check it out!

12 thoughts on “Yoga Love

  1. What a life u r having and well done on the blog award very well deserved. Maybe theres an english teaching job there you could take up for a while? X


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