Last day in Belize

My last few hours in Belize Right now we are in the town of San Ignacio which is approximately a 20 minute drive from the border with Guatemala and we are crossing later today. I feel like I hardly have seen this country and perhaps have spent more time with the fish underwater than I … More Last day in Belize

Out and about

Muddy Hiking boots  – Yes Tired Legs- Yes Big smile – Yes Learn something new – Yes See any jaguars – No Unfortunately we didn’t spot any jaguars but we got far more from being here than I was expecting. I am still learning about the history of how this, the worlds first Jaguar preserve … More Out and about

Country Living

After a great time splashing about in the waters of Belize, it was time to check out some of the country itself. We headed to area just north of Placencia called the Cockscomb Wildlife Reserve for some hiking and crossing fingers that we might snatch a glimpse of a jaguar. We stayed in very simple … More Country Living

Underwater world

I think the world under the surface is special and worth sharing. Over the last few days I have been swimming and snorkeling in many places in and around the Barrier Reef.  Many of which were protected reefs, but even so in places there is visible damage to the corals and only juvenile fish. Didn’t … More Underwater world

Drifting South

And exhale. Not that I was tightly strung, far from it, but we decided to leave Caye Caulker by boat and sail south over a few days to Placencia in southern Belize. Tough gig. As luck would have it, there was meant to be another 4 people on on the boat but they dropped out, … More Drifting South

I did it!

I got a little apprehensive thinking about my first refresher dive. But as so often happens, I went out the night before for a quiet bite to eat and it turned into a late night with new friends and the local rum punch so when I woke up and went to the dive shop there … More I did it!