I did it!

Early morning after the rain
So some days it rains in the Caribbean, fortunately those seemed to coincide with when I was underwater.

I got a little apprehensive thinking about my first refresher dive.

But as so often happens, I went out the night before for a quiet bite to eat and it turned into a late night with new friends and the local rum punch so when I woke up and went to the dive shop there was no time to fret about anything. Before I knew it,  I was into the water and looking at a large ray trying to bury itself in the sand.  A few skills reminders later and I was good to go. Happy days, I was back in business.

I went diving with 2 different dive shops, Frenchies and Belize Dive Services, both I would recommend, they differ on price and quality of gear/boats so depending on what’s important to you, there are options on the island, but nowhere is a bargain.

One of my favourite dives was Esmeralda, where from the moment I jumped in I was looking at sharks. Lots of sharks, who were more than happy to drift along with us. I guess there’s a reason that area is called Shark Alley! Chatting with the other divers on the boat I was reminded of all that I used to enjoy about diving, and am starting to think about where I can do some more on this trip………. I didn’t make it to the Blue Hole this time around, so that’s still on the to do list. Sometimes it’s nice to have a reason to come back.

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