Last minute thoughts


Lessons on the road
Lessons on the road

It’s my last night on the road.

Tomorrow I will arrive back in Sydney. Not altogether sure how I feel about that or what comes next for Niamh on Leave as I will be back at work within a week. Quite incredible really when I think about it. It might sound strange but I haven’t really been thinking about it! Seems I have gotten better at being mindful while I have been rambling around. Travelling solo and having to make all my own arrangements might have something to do with keeping me in the present.

I would like to share one thought that I had this week though. I have so enjoyed the last few weeks driving through Australia. It wasn’t part of the original plan. Long time readers may remember I tried and failed to sell my car in Perth last last year. At the time I got quite stressed when I couldn’t sell it and almost went into a spin. However a good friend helped me out and it was parked up until I got back.  If I had sold it, I would have missed out on the last number of weeks discovering a beautiful part of Australia and could have missed the opportunity to fall back in love with this scorched, vast, dynamic land.  A few times on this leg I would catch my reflection in the mirror while I was driving and I would be grinning away. Happy. Content. People have asked me tongue in cheek if I have found myself while ‘on leave’. Not sure what that really means. To be found, one must be lost….. I just wanted to spend my time on things that make me happy and that’s not going to change.

Some roadside photos from the last week

4 thoughts on “Last minute thoughts

  1. Back to Sydney and then where to ??? It’s always hard going back to work after any trip .. Holiday blues…
    Love your sentence: “I just wanted to spend my time on things that make me happy and that’s not going to change.” Because that is what we think about when we get back home after this trip!!


  2. Will this be the end of your blog posts? My son spent four months in Australia last year on a study abroad program from his college. He was in Melbourne. He loved it there. Also traveled to Sydney, Hobart and New Zealand.


    1. I hope not, this blog is somewhat of an accidental hobby that I have come to really enjoy. Although I will not be hiking and rambling to same frequency once I go back to work. May have to write about something else….. Wow, what a great opportunity your son had. Delighted to hear he loved it and got the chance to see quite a few places


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