Yoga class at Desa Seni

I don’t normally write about the actual places I stay in but this week, I have hardly left the place so it deserves a mention. I have been staying in a self described eco village called Desa Seni in Canggu.  It’s simply fabulous.  Check out their site if you are ever looking for a place around here: www.desaseni.com

The yoga classes were really quite special. How great is it to organise everyday around what yoga class  you want to take?  I tried out a few different forms and went back for some introductory ones as well. I even had the chance to try some meditation classes too. That’s hard. In fact sitting still is hard. I must admit I struggled the first few days, when I took away all distractions and was just left with simply nothing to do. I didn’t realise that even though I had been travelling on my own up to now, I had never really stopped and sat with my thoughts like this. It was a surprisingly hard thing to do. But now I am into my stride.  Of course, it helped that in addition to yoga schedules my only other decision each day was what to eat and what lounger to pick at the pool.  Life is good. Off to Ubud today for more yoga.

2 thoughts on “Lockdown

  1. This is where I am going on my first international yoga experience!! I don’t know when or how but its been decided!!! When you come home in August you can come to my pre natal yoga class with me in Stoneybatter!! ; – )


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