What a difference a day makes

I am writing this in the airport at Denpasar. My last few hours in Indonesia. I have spent the last week in Ubud and started to feel very at home, so much so that it was difficult to leave. Undoubtably there is an ‘Eat Pray Love’ thing happening there with lots of single women in the area, but the upshot was an opportunity to meet some really fantastic and at times very inspiring people. Or for local entrepreneurs, it creates opportunities of a different kind, like the restaurant name that made me laugh “Eat Pay Leave”

My days were simple, yoga, great food and exploring on my scooter. I tried several classes at the Yoga Barn, which has the most comprehensive schedule but the classes can get busy so I also went to a place called Intuitive Flow, from where you can enjoy an uninterrupted view of the rice fields. An other place that was highly recommended was Radiantly Alive but I ran out of time for that one……..next time!

As for the food, yum. Lots to choose from. I stayed a little out of town in Penastanan, home to Alchemy and Yellow Flower.  Both well worth a mention, I now know just how tasty raw and organic food can really be. I even loved the salads – that is something very new for me!

Am already thinking about my next trip here. Have learnt lots about my yoga and yes I know I could perhaps do my own practice at home, there is something very special when you find great teachers and classes that make you think.  Even is in such a short space of time I can feel the difference, the challenge will be to keep it up



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