A State of Mind

Hi, long time no talk. Hope you are all well. More recently being Niamhonleave has only been a fleeting state of mind in-between busy weeks working. However I got to spend some time in New Zealand over the Easter and it was very easy to slip back into my former ways. Just a shame I … More A State of Mind

Stretching the legs

Am vertical, back on two feet and away from the cakes on the Routeburn track.  It’s another of the group of New Zealand’s Great Walks and deservedly so. At 32km it’s one of the shorter trails in the series but makes up for it in variety. How long you spend on the track is up … More Stretching the legs

Be yourself

The weather has me cooped up indoors for a few days. Snow, rain, wind. Winter has arrived to the South Island and I was beginning to get techy. Although it was a good excuse to visit the coffee shops and restaurants of Queenstown and eat my way around town. Am torn between the passionfruit & lime … More Be yourself


A friend recently told me that while she is looking forward to seeing me when I get back to Australia, she does not want to spend hours being bored by my photographs. So Kirsty this post is for you, I’ll bore you now instead. I have taken soooooooo many photographs since I have gotten to New Zealand even … More Shutterbug