You mean I have a chance?

Have been in Perth for a few days and fair to say, my favourite place was Fremantle.

Spotted this when I was roaming around.

Book LottoThe element of chance and surprise. Isn’t it great?  If I ever work in a bookshop I will wrap up books and sell them like this. I almost bought one just because I enjoy unwrapping things. But I have a box of books waiting to be read so I passed. However it got me thinking about taking chances on the unknown and being open to new ideas and thoughts however they present themselves. Something easy to overlook.

So in a nod to chance that afternoon, I opted to buy one of those mystery hotel deals.  I was rewarded with king size, high threadcount comfort and an almost overflowing bubblebath.  It made a welcome change from campsites. And no, I did not steal the toiletries when I checked out. Am interested to see how I get along embracing the spirit of chance in the next few days, I think I can push the thought further than just nice hotels. Who knows where this outlook will take me. After all the real question is probably why not?

2 thoughts on “You mean I have a chance?

  1. Love it!! What a way to buy a book! Am interested to hear also where the spirit of chance takes you. On a few days off work landing back in Ireland might follow your idea Niamh and see what the week brings!!! ; )


    1. Me too! Keep me posted on where you end up. It’s quite liberating. Although I have ended up at alot of dead ends, after randomly heading down laneways, going, Oh I wonder where this goes……. will try a new approach tomorrow


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