Mountain Fun

View from Bluff Knoll
View from the top of Bluff Knoll

The Stirling Ranges. My last stop of the roadtrip before I get to  Perth.  I find it amusing that  I started this trip on the beach looking up at the clouds and I’m ending it on the top of a mountain with my head in them! If this is what happens in three short months what will have happened by the end?

My legs are sore!  The Stirling Ranges are too good to miss so I was determined to get a few hikes in. I started at  Bluff Knoll, the highest peak in south WA. Was lucky enough to be the first one on the trail and had the summit all to myself to enjoy and some sunshine to warm me up. Mt Trio was a different story as the rain closed in as I got to the top. As it happens I bumped into some people  on the way up and was chatting for nearly an hour, so had I not such a lovely chat I would have had a drier clearer view! But those people were great craic so I think I came out ahead.  When it came time for Toolbrunup the next day, I was missing fresh legs. It’s quite steep so while I went up on my feet I practically came down on my bum. Tired, exhilarated and very happy with myself right now………oh and red rosey cheeks

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