Ocean Recharge

Late last year there was a sale on flights, so I booked some. The result being that I am off somewhere on a plane almost once a month for the first 6 months of the year. You would think that would entertain me! January I went to Tasmania and February saw me back on the … More Ocean Recharge

A Liquid Detour

I wanted to get dressed. Not that I spend my days naked. It’s just that the last few weeks I have been either driving or hiking and have been wearing the same clothes all the time. I wanted to wear something new (i.e. new to the trip new, as in, I packed it weeks ago but … More A Liquid Detour


The car is parked. In fact I have run out of road! Have arrived at Wharariki Beach on the north-west tip of the South Island. It’s been a while since I have been to the beach. This wasn’t a day for deckchairs and sunloungers though. Although sunny, it’s a little cool so wont be topping up the … More Sundown

Hitting the road

Am back behind the wheel and making my way up the west coast of the South Island. Good to be on the road and blasting the tunes. Was checking out this morning and got into a conversation with the receptionist, which went something like this; So where are you headed to today? North Anywhere in particular? Not … More Hitting the road

Be yourself

The weather has me cooped up indoors for a few days. Snow, rain, wind. Winter has arrived to the South Island and I was beginning to get techy. Although it was a good excuse to visit the coffee shops and restaurants of Queenstown and eat my way around town. Am torn between the passionfruit & lime … More Be yourself