Be yourself

Give way ....... to nature?
Give way ……. to nature? Better than city traffic lights any day.

The weather has me cooped up indoors for a few days.

Snow, rain, wind. Winter has arrived to the South Island and I was beginning to get techy. Although it was a good excuse to visit the coffee shops and restaurants of Queenstown and eat my way around town. Am torn between the passionfruit & lime cheesecake  or the raspberry & white chocolate muffins for my favourite afternoon nibble. There was no point driving on as the forecast was much the same wherever I looked, so sometimes you just have to sit still, but with coffee and cake it’s all the more enjoyable!

Then the weather gods changed their mood and blue skies appeared so I decided to tackle the Routeburn Track just outside of Queenstown. To get to the start of the track you pass through a town called Glenorchy. One guidebook describes it as being the size of a postage stamp and it’s not exaggerating. A tranquil town surrounded by mountains on the shores of the lake. Many scenes form Lord of the Rings were filmed in this area so I stopped for the morning and had some coffee and cake – no need to rush and best to ween myself off desserts slowly.

Then it was time to get to the track to start the hike, but I got distracted by these postboxes. Isn’t country living great? So pulled the car into the side of the road and hopped put to take some photographs – again!

The postboxes were beside a field of sheep. When I first arrived there were all near the fence. Must have decided I was bad company as they all turned on their heels and trotted up the field. All but one. This fella must beat to his own drum and instead came closer to the fence and waited and stared at me. We had a chat. Am all about people (or sheep) that have their own mind. It put me in a good mood as I got back into the car and  drove onto the the trail. Have to respect a sheep that stands apart of the flock. We all should try.





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