Where did 2015 go?

Hello, amn’t I a blast from the past? Hope you are well. Strange that it can be so easy to fall out of a good habit and almost impossible to get back into one. Over the year I have often thought about writing on this blog and sharing some my photos from my less frequent … More Where did 2015 go?

A State of Mind

Hi, long time no talk. Hope you are all well. More recently being Niamhonleave has only been a fleeting state of mind in-between busy weeks working. However I got to spend some time in New Zealand over the Easter and it was very easy to slip back into my former ways. Just a shame I … More A State of Mind

Carry on Camping

Over time I have stayed in many wonderful places and have enjoyed great company, yet something about camping alone in Mt Kosciuszko captured my imagination. In my last post I shared some photos of the hike but I left out these ones….possibly because I think they deserve their own post! I set up camp in the … More Carry on Camping

Alone in the woods

Once described as the finest walk in the world, the Milford Track is one of New Zealand’s most popular walks, with approximately 14,000 people completing the track each year and I am now one of them. Throughout the Great Walks season, the track is heavily regulated. There is a maximum of 90 walkers per day … More Alone in the woods

The Corner Shop

Another week of easy living and yoga in San Marcos – bliss! Since all the workshops last weekend I have been giving some thought to food this week, it’s something I haven’t spoken much about. Over the weeks here a routine of sorts has developed – the daily shop. Round the corner from where we are … More The Corner Shop

Conscious Learning

On any given day there is a course or workshop running here in San Marcos but at the weekend, it was taken to a new level with The Festival of Consciousness. The what? Yes, you read correctly, The Festival of Consciousness. When I got here a few weeks ago I saw the signs around town for the … More Conscious Learning