Yoga Love

I had thought about moving north this week for some hiking, however my yoga love won out. So that’s what this week has been all about yoga. I have always enjoyed it but now I think I love it. Such a simple activity that can improve the mood of any day. And you hardly need … More Yoga Love

Why so serious?

Hello again from San Marcos, I’m still here! It was beginning to niggle me that I’ve been in the one place so long while there are so many other parts of Guatemala I have yet to visit. Should I be on the move? Was I making the right decision to stay here? Then I realised, I … More Why so serious?

Out and about

Muddy Hiking boots  – Yes Tired Legs- Yes Big smile – Yes Learn something new – Yes See any jaguars – No Unfortunately we didn’t spot any jaguars but we got far more from being here than I was expecting. I am still learning about the history of how this, the worlds first Jaguar preserve … More Out and about

Underwater world

I think the world under the surface is special and worth sharing. Over the last few days I have been swimming and snorkeling in many places in and around the Barrier Reef.  Many of which were protected reefs, but even so in places there is visible damage to the corals and only juvenile fish. Didn’t … More Underwater world

Island Life

Arriving in Dublin airport always marks the beginning of a great time. Fortunately I was lucky enough to have been in Ireland last year, so not too long between visits.  Even so, I have a long list of “must dos”. After seeing family, it’s  about the craic, which for me  is things that must be eaten, … More Island Life