Why so serious?

Hello again from San Marcos, I’m still here!

It was beginning to niggle me that I’ve been in the one place so long while there are so many other parts of Guatemala I have yet to visit. Should I be on the move? Was I making the right decision to stay here? Then I realised, I was being ridiculous.

There’s always going to be more places to see and people to meet but if I am happy where I am what’s the rush? When else would get the chance to spend hours of each day learning yoga and fumbling through conversations in Spanish? I will be an eternal beginner but I am seeing some small progress and it’s quite addictive.

Then these kids reminded me not to be so serious. Plans can change, so what.

So todays thought is once you’re having fun, it doesn’t matter where you are and all the better if you can find a swing rope, scream out loud and make a splash when you land!

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