Something old…….something new

Dreamworld, Tower of Terror in the background

Howdy, well I have been scared witless and learned something new, both of which while enjoying great company since I was last in touch. The fear started the moment I parked outside Dreamworld and could see the rides. Aisling assured me there was nothing to fear – she lied, twice in fact because I later found out she had her eyes closed for most of the rides. The Tower of Terror, was almost the end of me, but I made it to the end and can happily say I went on all the rides  🙂 Followed that up with a day at Wet n Wild which was far more gentile. Favourite ride there was the Tornado, just a shame you have your own tubes to the top each time!!

Had the pleasure of great lodging in Brisbane, can thoroughly recommend Aisling’s B&B! Spent some time rambling around Brisbane. Went to the Art Gallery, where I learned something from the children’s notes on a painting

Was reading about the painting, Under a Jacaranda, only to find out that my favourite Australian tree is not native but came from South America. You may have already known that but I didn’t. Now I am thinking I should plan a trip there when they are in season…………. and the list goes on!

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