You can only plan for so much!

I didn’t intend on buying myself a Christmas present this year, but I changed my mind!

I was having dinner on my last night in La Ventana and talking to some people at the table when somebody mentioned Whalesharks. My ears pricked up…… I didn’t realise they are in this part of Mexico. How the hell did I miss that? Anyway, Lady Luck was with me because I got myself organised and out on the water with them.

What a day! Am still smiling.

I brought my camera into the water and every time I got back on the boat they asked me if I got any good pictures, no, I’d always reply, was too busy enjoying the moment – next time I’ll take a picture! I managed 1 or 2 snaps. But simply swimming alongside these peaceful creatures is a moment to savour. They are so tranquil and impressive to see in their natural habitat. It’s fair to say, that swimming with whalesharks is my favourite thing in the world

We were only a group of 5 on our small boat so great day with no waiting around, except when we were looking for the whalesharks. When we spotted one it was a case of, ‘there it is, hop in and go’!

There were also some very playful dolphins who put on a show for us too. Another great day in Mexico.

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