Time to leave the beach

Thought it might be time for abit of a map to give you a sense of where I am.

Map of Mexico

While I have been having a great time on the beaches and waters of Baja, I know that I have only had a glimpse of what this part of Mexico can offer. I have just finished transcribing all the notes and scraps of paper of places and recommendations from people I have met on the way into some sort of list – for the next visit! But tomorrow I head to the mainland. The plan is to get the ferry from La Paz to Los Mochis, where I will pick up the train to Copper Canyon. As this is the main reason I am in Mexico, I am a little excited!

According to the Rough Guide the journey itself is noteable “The 653-kilometre, fourteen-hour train trip that starts on the sweaty Pacific coast at Los Mochis, fights its way up to cross the Continental Divide amidst the peaks of the Sierra Madre Occidental, then drifts down across the high plains of Chihuahua, is one of the world’s most extraordinary rail journeys.”

The plan is to break the journey in a few of the towns along the way  between Los Mochis & Chihuahua to do some hiking and something else I am really enjoying at the moment – eating Mexican food. My Spanish is slowly coming along so I am getting more adventurous in my ordering. As for my spice tolerance, it’s increasing!

If you would like any info on Copper Canyon itself here’s a link to the Wiki page : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copper_Canyon

Before I go, here’s one last beach picture. It will be cold in the mountains so I needed a full day on the beach today. This one was a pleasure at Balandara Beach, a few kms outside La Paz. Snorkling, swimming and general sun laziness.

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