The Corner Shop

Another week of easy living and yoga in San Marcos – bliss! Since all the workshops last weekend I have been giving some thought to food this week, it’s something I haven’t spoken much about. Over the weeks here a routine of sorts has developed – the daily shop. Round the corner from where we are … More The Corner Shop

Yoga Love

I had thought about moving north this week for some hiking, however my yoga love won out. So that’s what this week has been all about yoga. I have always enjoyed it but now I think I love it. Such a simple activity that can improve the mood of any day. And you hardly need … More Yoga Love

Why so serious?

Hello again from San Marcos, I’m still here! It was beginning to niggle me that I’ve been in the one place so long while there are so many other parts of Guatemala I have yet to visit. Should I be on the move? Was I making the right decision to stay here? Then I realised, I … More Why so serious?

Chilling out in Tulum

Have just spent a great few days in Tulum. Easily a highlight of beachside stops so far.  If you like your beaches without offers of “parasailing Mamm?”  but instead “fresh mango, pineapple or papaya senorita? ” this is the one for you. At times, it almost had that Thai island vibe, but perhaps thats the … More Chilling out in Tulum

Chilling out

The bus journey here proved a bit of a mission, inclusive of 2 hours walking around the the town of La Paz with pigeon spanish and dictionary looking for a bus stop. But I got here, La Ventana and woke up to this. I have just finished a great yoga class. No better way to … More Chilling out