Every cloud has a ………

San Diego wet streets

Sunny California? Not the last few days at least. Even walking around town was difficult and limited to between the downpours. So I needed a new plan for San Diego.  Plan B  – food and yoga. Well if I was going to be indoors I may as well be enjoying myself.

Now I have been reunited with almost all my favourite American food groups! When I was in college I spent a summer ‘working’ in Rhode Island. Where poor unsuspecting paying guests in a beautiful inn were looked after by a group of most likely hungover Irish girls. That summer I not only learned how to make hospital corners on a bed but discovered bagels and lox (when I raided the breakfast buffet) On a recommendation I went to a cafe here called Brooklyn Bagels where after ordering their “Chosen One” lox bagel, even the rain didn’t bother me. Good food, such a simple pleasure. As an aside, I almost put myself in a food coma after over ordering in Little Italy one night. Delicious.

So yoga, is much needed. Actually started some classes in LA, and have kept it up here. There’s a great studio near where I am staying with excellent teachers and casual drop in policy. I have been going every other morning, and had to ask myself why did I ever stop practicing. It has been months, but I am catching up and mastered a new move this week – yay me!

Something unexpected. One afternoon, was walking down the street and an oncoming bus was displaying “Go Chargers’.  No idea who the Chargers were so I looked it up and turns out to be the San Diego Chargers, football team and they were playing a game in town against the New York Giants, so you guessed right, I bought a ticket and went to my first American football game.  It’s fair to say that even after watching the whole game I am still unclear on all the rules, but what a fun afternoon. Complete with more of my favourite ‘foods’ – beer and hot dogs!

SAn Diego Chargers, rhode island lox and cream cheese I have been reunited

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