A trail with a difference

I have heard alot about the beaches in San Diego, so I went to check them out. One of them was La Jolla. There is a coastal trail of sorts to follow. Although it quite quickly took me from the coast to the highway as it seems that beachfront property replaced the path. As I was standing at the intersection debating if I wanted to continue with traffic screaming past another waker appeared.

You lost?

No just wondering if I want to walk along the highway

Do you walk fast?


Well come with me and I’ll show you another way

So I did, and I know now who lives in all those beachfront properties and what they paid for them. We stop at one where renovations are ongoing.

See this place?


Can you believe he is paying $8000 a week to uses his neighbours driveway for access for the renovations

Sounds like a tax dodge to me

Nah, it’s just California on the water, he’s rich

When we parted, I was left with specific directions on how to go the rest of the way.

Take a right when you see the house that looks like a castle you cannot miss it. Guy bought it for $18m knocked it. Rebuild cost $90m. Now he’s renovating the house next door.

I don’t know if any of the numbers are true but it made for some of the most interesting directions I have gotten in a while!

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