The first detour……..

View from Boolimba Bluff

So, just over a week in and already a deviation from the plan (as bald as it is!) The weather wasn’t co-operating with my beach plans, so I headed inland to a place called Carnarvon Gorge. My photographs don’t do the place justice, it’s a spectacular spot and well worth a visit. Spent a few days hiking there and really loved it. There was a sign that read, “good for the soul, but not for the feet”, it’s all too true! Was there for my birthday, which I spent hiking, not a glass of champagne in sight, strange but true. Then came home to my tent. Not as glam as other years, but special.  Met some great people there. Am a hit with the grey nomads and I had serious camping envy at all their gear. I think I was a mystery to them all, as they were kitted out to the nines. One couple were particularly nice and baked me biscuits! They also have an endless supply of red wine. Am thinking they are more in line with my kinda travelling than the Wicked / Jucy backpackers.

7 thoughts on “The first detour……..

  1. How cool is this website…. found this link on your facebook page. Great photos and well done on keeping track of all your travels. Happy Birthday too!


  2. Love that you’re hanging with the grey nomads! ;0)
    So impressed you getting out there lovely, very cool! x


      1. Just been watching whales hark videos, soooo cool! Looks amazing, need to check the water temperature though lol ;0)


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