One good detour leads to another………..

I got a recommendation to head to Finch Hatton, north west of Mackay. There’s a gorge there well worth a look and this morning after I recovered my composure I went to look at some platypus and turtles in Eungella.

Now admitedly, I have woken up in some strange places over the years, but I think coming out of my tent this morning in the Finch Hatton Showgrounds is up there with the best of them! Complete with spectators seating and adjudicator’s chairs, the showgrounds doubles as a campsite in the ‘off season’. For $15, how could you go wrong! It was wet last night, so I pitched the tent in the sunshade, little did I know I was sleeping under a sign for shady characters!

2 thoughts on “One good detour leads to another………..

  1. Niamh,
    It’s your mum’s ‘old’ friend here in Bucks, Phena. Stayed with your mum and dad last week and they showed me your blog. You’re amazing! Just spoke to your mum again before she heads for the island and Gannon gathering of gannets for the weekend!
    It’s very pioneering of you to take this trip and it seems to be paying dividends for the soul so far. Long may it last.
    We’re coming to Sydney arriving 14th June and together with Brisbane, Melbourne and Tasmania we due to stay until 16th July. If you’re back in Sydney it would be great to catch up with you and hear a bit more, first hand, about your adventure.? We’ll get to hear hopefully from Kate. Belated Happy Birthday for last week…all the best people are born in May!
    Good on you and hope the ‘voyage of discovery’ continues to feed the soul. Safe journey. Phena x


    1. Hi Phena, perhaps long time friend is better than ‘old’. Thanks for the kind words, I am certainly trying hard to enjoy it all. That’s great that I have your dates for Australia. If I am anywhere nearby then I will be sure to give you a call. Would be great to see you all.


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