Trying something new – more practice required

One of the ways I decided that I want to use my time while ‘on leave’ is to learn to take better photographs.

A few weeks ago I read this post

It has really simple, practical tips on how to better photograph people, which is something I feel I don’t do enough of. Mainly because I can feel intrusive. Often when I spot a moment or situation I don’t want to interrupt it by asking for permission or if I don’t ask I can feel like I am invading their privacy.

In the time since reading the post I have been playing with the idea and trying a few different things. Here’s what I have to show for myself  – still early days but am enjoying myself!

One thing about starting a converstion with a stranger, is that you can never be sure how it’s going to end! I now know how to make tortillas after getting a demonstration and meeting the extended family, just from asking for a one photo at this food stall.

In the case of the porters on the hike, these guys were hilarious. When I first asked to take their pictures they were somewhat hesitant and shy. By the end of the second day however, any time I stopped to take a picture of the scenery they would also stop and when I turned to them they would be waiting in position, saying ‘photo photo” with smiles bursting with pride.

One day a friend decided he had enough of waiting on us in a shop so we came out to find him getting his shoes polished chatting away to the kid who was enjoying the interaction.

Lots more to learn obviously but it reminded me that it’s always good to try something new – you just never know where it will lead.

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