Planes, trains & automobiles

I am in the airport in Tijuana, and have been for a few hours. Great places for people watching and also forcing you to sit still which got me thinking………

I haven’t shared what I am doing in this part of the world. When I was in Ireland I spent weeks poring over travel websites and blogs, staring dreamily at photographs wondering where in the world I would go before I go back to work at some stage next year. I was finding it impossible to decide so I had to think about it differently – then I saw this and the rest was easy!

Do more of what makes you happy

So I made a list of what makes me happy. Want to hike somewhere special and somewhere that got my attention was Copper Canyon in Mexico.  I’d love some sailing and scuba diving so Belize looks like a great idea. I have grown to really enjoy hiking so thought Guatemala or Ecuador could be a good places for that. Read there’s some nice yoga schools in Costa Rica. All of these places are enjoying warm weather this time of year so there might even be mangos. Suddenly what do you know, I have a plan of sorts!

When it came to booking flights I struggled to fly directly here from Ireland as I had to fly over so many other great places so I stopped in California to get a glimpse of what it has to offer. Loved it! Will be back for an extended roadtrip hopefully down the track, but now it’s on to the plan!

Hola Mexico!

Entry to the Mexico Border, no so inviting looking
Entry to the Mexico Border, no so inviting looking

I crossed the border this morning on foot after getting the trolley from San Diego.

I find something very exciting about crossing borders. Granted the act itself isn’t anything to get excited about but it does signify a new beginning. I couldn’t help but smile to myself when I emerged the other side.

Those first steps are like writing the first pages in a new blank diary. Full of optimism for the possibility of what comes next. Reminds me of New Years Day. I have never been vey good at sticking to my New Years resolutions though but maybe I was just looking at it all wrong.

So Happy New Year people!

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