Back to the beach

Checking in or out?
Checking in or checking out?

I mentioned the reason I have come to Mexico is go see Copper Canon, however as always there’s no fun in going directly there so I am in Baja California for some beach time first.

My days here in Cabo San Lucas have been very simple and generally horizontal. Not sure there is a much nicer feeling than warm sand on my toes and the first swim of the day in the morning sun.

The main beach in town is very crowded and has the usual offers of parasailing, hats and jewellery so it worth making the effort to move around to see some of the other beaches in the area. Although something familiar about these places that I cannot fault is that happy hour starts at 4. Except here the 2 for 1 beers come with tequila!

Here is where the Pacific meets the Sea of Cortez at Baja’s most southerly point known as El Arco or Land End, so one morning I jumped into a boat and went for a look too. I  spent the rest of the day between 2 beaches known as Lovers Beach and Divorce Beach just off the mainland. One joins the other so depending on your mood you can sit wherever!

I didn’t have the camera with me most days but these snatches might give you a flavour.

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