The simple life……..

Let me think of one word to describe my days at La Ventana……. blissful!

This area is popular with kiteboarders and windsurfers and my original idea when coming here was to try windsurfing. The weather had other plans and there was no good wind so instead, mornings were for yoga and paddleboarding and the afternoons for exploring or taking possession of a hammock. One day I just read a book – from cover to cover!

Everybody here was really friendly and it definitely has its regulars who come time and time again. I can understand its charm.  One of the days I borrowed a bike and went for a cycle. It was only when I came to the first hill that I realised it had no gears so progress was slow! My lesson there is to never choose a bike for its colour, but instead look for gears.

Another morning was the farmers market, where I lost the run of myself as everything tasted so good. The standout was the smoked salmon – delicious. The guy who made it/sold it and told me all his fish smoking secrets. Although I am unlikely to be able to replicate it.

Happy days in a quiet beachside village at the edge of the desert, here are some shots I took from the bus when I was leaving, I could have stayed alot longer!

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