Fermentation anybody?

Thought for the day
Thought for the day!


Time is getting precious as I am leaving Central America this week, but I decided to stay on a little longer in San Marcos.  The guys at Love Probiotics were running a 3 day workshop so I signed up.  It wasn’t a hard decision to make as the eating and preparing more natural food has caught my attention.

The subject for the workshop? Fermentation. Mightn’t sound very sexy, but super interesting – really!  Over the 3 days we talked, tasted, baked and prepared a variety of fermented foods and drinks.

Day 1 was a theory day of sorts, diving into some of the principles of fermentation and nutrition. Seems we are missing lots of probiotics in our bodies! Day 2 was hands on as we worked through various receipes, like ginger beer, kombucha, sourdough bread, cheeses, yogurt, vinegar and saurkraut. Oh and we tasted the most delicious passionfruit wine, yum, definitely playing my tune! Day 3 is the most leisurely as it was all about eating! We ate much of what we made the day prior with the guys supplementing the menu with anything that needs more than a night to prepare. My favourite was again the passionfruit wine, followed a close second by the yoghurt. So simple to make we all should be making our own.

One of the key themes that came from the workshop is how accessible this way of preparing your own food is coupled with all the natural benefits of eating more naturally prepared and fresh foods. The flavour combination possibilities are endless. Cannot wait to get started, will let you know how my first batch of mango mead goes.

Love Probiotics don’t have a website, but if you’re curious check out their Facebook page,  www.facebook.com/LoveProbiotics


4 thoughts on “Fermentation anybody?

  1. So your going to open a café down under selling great food inspired by Sean’s recipes and influenced by your travels (what will you ferment??!!) with a yoga studio next door ………… I will visit!!! ; )


  2. Hi lovely Niamh, when you get back i’m going to take you to a cafe in Rozelle that does serve food like this, WITH a yoga studio next door! Jenny x


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