Where did 2015 go?

Hello, amn’t I a blast from the past?

Hope you are well. Strange that it can be so easy to fall out of a good habit and almost impossible to get back into one. Over the year I have often thought about writing on this blog and sharing some my photos from my less frequent rambles but somehow I just never did. Many times I started, but I just got lost in the photos or daydreams but today is different because here I am!

Over the next few weeks I’ll share a mixture of posts from the past year. Most of my mini adventures have been in Australia, Queensland and Tasmania predominately – this country is simply too big to see everything. I’ll also share some more about my time in New Zealand at Easter… here’s a fewΒ to get us reaquainted.



8 thoughts on “Where did 2015 go?

  1. Welcome back!! Thanks dor drenching my eyes this morning with the colours and scenes of your world. Wow. Makes me want to find the nearest coastline or mountain top quick for a dose of nature! Your pics are still stunning. Thanks for sharing Brog X


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