Successful debut contd.

It’s already been established that driving anywhere takes me a while because I stop a lot for photographs and I can also confirm the same condition applies when hiking, especially on this frosty morning.

From Mt Aspiring Hut I decided to hike to Liverpool Hut and back for the day. The beginning is gentle and flat through forest and out into the valley, which it turns out was very frosty. I took these pictures before 9am and the sun hadn’t come over the mountain yet to burn away the cloud and frost. Beautiful.

Once through the valley across a small river the  day began to brighten and the track started to go up. I had heard it was steep and a little slippey but this was more of a vertical climb. Think like when you were a child and climbing trees, well this time it was big steps up tree roots often using branches to haul myself up! Not too many pictures along that part of the track as the camera had to get packed away. I emerged into daylight above the bushline near Liverpool Hut (1100m) to a sunny day. Quite a transformation from the frosty morning. It’s possible to stay at Liverpool Hut,  but I chose to just enjoy my lunch there and take in the view.

So it was back to Mt Aspiring Hut that night, this time no children, just two climbers who had tried to climb Mt Aspiring the previous day. It didn’t go to plan for them, next time perhaps. They did start me thinking about climbing…………..! Maybe a new hobby to explore 🙂

So that was my first solo run, a success I think! Need to start planning the next one. Will keep you posted.

9 thoughts on “Successful debut contd.

  1. Amazing photos Brogy Bear… The Ranger will definitely give you a job for sure 😉
    Looks like you’re having a blast… What an amazing experience.. Jealous !!!


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