The Corner Shop

Another week of easy living and yoga in San Marcos – bliss!

Since all the workshops last weekend I have been giving some thought to food this week, it’s something I haven’t spoken much about.

Over the weeks here a routine of sorts has developed – the daily shop. Round the corner from where we are staying are a number of fruit and vegetable stalls. Our kitchen is somewhat limited for both tools and appliances, so cooking is at a minimum and limited to 1 pot wonders. The restaurants here are fantastic but sometimes it’s just nicer to make it yourself.

Here’s a little glimpse at breakfast.

Fresh fruit & granola however remains a favourite breakfast. 50c gets you a freshly cut coconut, all good. Glup, glup and I’m rehydrated. The fun starts when the juice is gone and we try and open these tough nuts for the meat. Without a machette or even a good knife, our options are restricted to the ground and so begins the smash. Better than bootcamp to get the blood flowing every morning. Nothing like fresh coconut on top of your granola. How will I go back to cornflakes??



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