Tokyo Nightlife………

Travelling on my own sometimes means that the nightlife can be quiet so seeing as I have a partner in crime here I wasn’t going to miss that chance!

We had a lot to choose from. First up was a crazy robot show, I wont say too much about that in case anybody goes to see it, but certainly unlike anything I have ever been to before! Nuts is an understatement. Should you find yourself at it, watch out for the poor panda bear.  Bar hopping in the Golden Gai, is fun. Each of the bars only holds about 10 people and there are over 200 hundred to choose from – didn’t get around to them all, but certainly enjoyed the ones I did. Also got the chance to dress up in a Yukata and hit the town, another super night. That one we took a boat on the river, nice and intimate, only us and about 1500 others, with some very interesting dance moves after everybody had a chance to hit the free bar!

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