Bali, on a go slow

So an update on the plan. I am making my way to Ireland. Intend to be there in September after a few stops here and there.The first of which is Bali where I am now.  There’s lots of different ways to spend your time in Bali. My aim is to do very little and spend a lot of time learning yoga. And now that I have only a backpack, shopping is very unlikely.  So hopefully by the time I leave I will be as zened out as this dude. Right now the only thing I have in common with him is flexibility.

But all that can start tomorrow. First things first I have a date with a beanbag and some sunset drinks on the beach.

Chat soon or perhaps it should be Namaste

2 thoughts on “Bali, on a go slow

  1. Hi lovely, long time no chat. Loving the blog & very sad to miss you when you were back in Sydney.
    You’ll have to let me know what you think of the yoga place in Bali, I sooooo need a holiday & soon!
    Miss you lovely xx


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