Lance Who?

People have been asking me if I get lonely traveling by myself. I realised I haven’t said much about who I have met along the way. So in case you are wondering – I do talk to other people! Such a great cross section of life is on the road, you can never tell who is going to turn up and chances are first impressions will be wrong.  These guys are a super interesting bunch and was fortuitous timing when I met them.

Lance who?

From L_R;  Annie, Jacquie, Woody & Mel, are from a group of 18 people currently cycling around Australia. The tour is broken into 5 stages and some of them are cycling the whole way around! Couldn’t have met them on a better day as I woke up and the air mattress was soft, bit of a slow puncture. So we took it to the pool to look for bubbles, much to the annoyance of everybody else in the pool.

Jacquie and the magic glue

Woody, champion & gentleman

Woody found the leak and Marie sealed it with magic super cyclists glue! Was great chatting  to Woody, who travelled from the US to cycle the tour. He started in Melbourne with the group and originally intended to finish in Broome.  In previous years he had cycled the Broome to Melbourne legs. However he had just decided to extend the trip and complete the whole thing in one go. He reckoned it would be pretty cool to do it in one go and that he shouldn’t put anything off that he wants to do at his age! I didn’t ask him his age incidentally, but he’s definitely older than me.

2 thoughts on “Lance Who?

  1. I like Woody!! And love that you are meeting wonderful fellow travellers along the way! You sociable animal you!!! : ) Fantastic encounters along the road!


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