Good to be back in the red dirt

Driving through the Stirling ranges towards Mt Toolbrunup
Driving through the Stirling ranges towards Mt Toolbrunup

My first stop was somewhere I had been before – The Stirling Ranges. First order of business was Toolbrunup Peak walk. At 1052m, it’s the second highest peak in the National Park, but arguably a tougher scramble to the top. This one is steep! When I was here last year, I battled up this peak and was at times uncomfortable so it felt great today to enjoy it. Seems I have gotten better and more confident at the hiking lark over the last few months.

The trail begins in forest meandering along the banks of a creek. Quickly though the terrain changes and become less steady underfoot and with a generous incline. The track changes to scree and large rocks. There had been some rain earlier in the week so these we still a little slippy. I have a nice bruise on my shin from a slip between 2 rocks on this stretch. After the scree it’s a steep scramble to the top using hands and feet to clamour up and over boulders.

The Aboriginal name for this range is Koi Kyenunu-ruff, which means ‘mist moving around the mountains’ and it lived up to it’s reputation this day.  The clouds rolled in just before I reached the summit, I waited a while but was denied full views. Regardless it’s always worth it.

Then it was time for the descent. I think this was tougher and at times I sitting on my bum! Laundry day tomorrow I think.


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