The many colours of Bluff Knoll

The Noongar people are the traditional Aboriginal custodians of the Stirling Ranges and surrounding region. “Bular Mial” is the Noongar name for Bluff Knoll, the highest peak in the range at 1095m. It means “many eyes” although Noongar speakers may use the term “Bala Mial” meaning “his eyes” when referring to the ancestral being you can apparently see in the mountain today. Not sure what eyes were watching me when I hiked up Bluff Knoll but clouds were circulating in abundance.

This trail is pretty straightforward, no tricky bits to negotiate. The day itself was overcast and spitting rain initially, only to descend with the afternoon winter sun piercing the clouds which eventually peeled away exposing blue skies. I must have looked fairly puffed as I was hiking up as everybody I met on their way down felt obliged to let me know “it’s not far to go now, you are almost there” Oh the kindness of strangers!

Coming down the day looked altogether different with some interesting ‘spotlight’ sun bursts coming through initially before the clouds rolled away to reveal the setting sun and even some kangaroos. Tomorrow  I will drive and rest the legs.

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