Jucy and the Golf

ImageHave been in Byron Bay the last few days. Got abit chilly at night so decided to leave the tent and move indoors to my first hostel experience of the trip.  The first clue that was I wasn’t in Kansas anymore was the carpark…..Campervan anybody? Land of the backpacker, not another golf in sight. So when in Rome…..booked my bed in a 10 bed dorm and was lucky enough to be there for open mic night in the bar. A thrill indeed.

Stopped at the Farmers Markets. Loved the sight of the lady in purple stuffing her face while all around her people were shopping for healthy choices.  Something I don’t understand though is bare feet – dirty.

Unfortunately or perhaps not, had a rainy day which I lost to a very comfortable bar stool. So once the clouds cleared, both kinds, was out and about again. Love the beaches and lighthouses around here.  Had a big hike in Nightcap National  Park too. Drove there via  Bangalow. Cute place for a quick stop and a coffee.

Wow, what a week – hope they continue to be so much fun 😉

4 thoughts on “Jucy and the Golf

  1. Loving the blog! Think I definitely need to meet you somewhere along the way! Loving the picks especially purple track suit chick 😉 Happy travels xx


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